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Chip's golf classes have been rated consistently superior by the students. I believe the Systems Approach to Golfing provides everyone with a sound fundamental approach to understanding their golf swing. The unique sections on the mental aspects of golf play and how to reach your potential are a must read for all golfers."

"In addition, I found using the Instructor's Guide to teach beginning golf extremely useful and very easy to utilize."

Dr. James Tiffany
Director, Physical Education Department Northern Virginia Community College, Loudoun Campus

Instructor's Guide to
The Systems Approach to Golfing

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The guide, in a Word document format on CD-ROM, provides supplemental material for anyone teaching from the Systems Approach to Golfing. The guide is comprised of lesson plans and presentations derived from the Systems Approach to Golfing text and contain representative materials for teaching a beginning class. These include a class syllabus, outside class credit forms. lesson plans, briefing charts, and lectures which can be customized by adding their name and the institution to the PowerPoint briefing, and allow the ability to print out the quizzes with administrative details - Date, Class, etc.

Each section of the guide corresponds to the same section in the student's texbook. It starts with a brief summary of the sections content along with hints as to when:
  • The material should be introduced to the class
  • How many classroom sessions are required to cover the material
  • And the relationship of this material with concurent outside class or on the course activity.
Some of the diagrams included in the guide are not in the Systems Approach to Golfing, and will be indicated by the word "extra" where the figure number would be in the "Table of Contents."

Section 9, "Instructor's Guide Summary," explains the use of the four attachemnts to the guide. The guide is intended to provide the classroom materials needed when teaching golf from the Systems Approach to Golfing. It is not expected that an instructor use all the material available. Each instructor is expected to select what he or she need and make whatever modicfications necessary to compliment his or her own instructional materials.

The Instructor's Guide to the Systems Approach to Golfing will help all instructors show their students:
  1. Why the ball will react from various lies
  2. When and how to plan various shots
  3. How to play the difficult trouble shots
  4. Ways to optimize their practice time
  5. What to learn from their experiences
  6. How to score better
  7. And so much more.

Glenn R. Apple
Small Business Owner
Apple Educational Corps
"As the title implies, the Systems Approach is a systematic, analytic treatise that not only contains routines and strategies for all golfers, but also will serve to significantly improve the instruction by college teachers and golf professionals alike!

The Instructor's Guide provides the teacher the supporting instructor's materials and script to optimise the students' time both on the practice tee and in the classroom."

Glenn Apple
B.S. Bowling Green State University,
M.A. Ohio State University