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The Systems Approach to Golfing

What profesional golfers have to say...

Dave Pelz
Author and Short Game Expert -- Dave Pelz

"I have played many enjoyable rounds of golf with Chip Heyl. He is a fine player, a student of the game, and understands a lot about how to optimize your ability to score. Chip's Systems Approach to Golfing applies proven system engineering principles to the game, and I believe in these principles. If you use the systems approach, I am sure it will help your game."

Dave Pelz
Founder of the Dave Pelz Short Game Schools
Austin, TX

Bill Straubaugh
Golf Professional Emeritus, Columbia Country Club, and one of golf's premier instructors -- Bill Strausbaugh

Chip Heyl's book, the Systems Approach to Golfing takes the mystery and the menace out of both learning and teaching. Chip's contribution for the learner is to provide him a book that addresses every aspect of the game in a straight-forward, logical fashion. The many excellent graphics Chip has developed present the basics of every type of shot clearly and concisely. For the teacher, Chip's System Approach provides an incomparable classroom resource which should help focus and encourage classroom participation and subsequent practice sessions.

One measure of a good golfing book is in the number of new concepts it contributes to the game. A book that contains just one such contribution is 'good' in my estimation. Chip's book is filled with such contributions! His section on keeping a golf journal alone is worth the price of the book. But Chip also considers wind play by adding to it the aerodynamic considerations associated with the spin of the ball.

Not satisfied with that, Chip adds a section which may be his most useful, by presenting a decision tree for each different class of shot which should entirely eliminate the guesswork which now plagues many players.

Chip does not stop here. He goes on to make a clear distinction between conscious decisions and muscle memory play which should help amateur players focus not only their game but also their practice. Indeed, Chip even addresses the vital aspect of practice by offering planning advice to optimize limited, and thus precious, practice time for busy, part time players.

The Systems Approach to Golfing makes a truly enduring contribution to this most ancient and honorable game.

Bill Strausbaugh
Columbia Country Club,
Chevy Chase, Maryland

Woody Fitzhugh
PGA Class A Professional, former PGA Tour Player, four times Middle Atlantic Player of the Year -- Woody Fitzhugh

"In reading The Systems Approach to Golfing the reader quickly notices one of the traits of the author which is thoroughness.

Chip has been an excellent player for a long time with a detailed and methodical manner for his success. The Systems Approach will help most golfers understand the golf game in its entirety."

Woody Fitzhugh
Woody's Range
Herndon, Virginia

Ann Wolta
LPGA Class A Teaching Professional, 1994 LPGA Teacher of the Year for the US Central Region -- Ann Wolta

"Chip's Systems Approach to Golfing includes many of the learning principles that I employ in my instruction.

I particularly liked the sections on physical conditioning, maintaining a golf journal, and videotape analysis. I use these techniques successfully every day. The short game and bunker play graphics help the amateur understand what really happens when the clubhead contacts the ball.

Chip also clearly illustrates the resulting flight and roll of the golf ball for various swing paths, attack angles, and clubface directions."

Ann Wolta,
LPGA Junior Golf Club Director
Evergreen, Colorado

Brad Apple
PGA Class A-1 Professional -- Brad Apple

Winner of 20 professional events and Instructor for more than 1,000 golfers, Brad writes:

"Chip's dedication to conquering the grand old game is evident from reading this instructional book.

The Systems Approach to Golfing has proven answers to the questions I hear most on the lesson tee. Players and instructors alike will benefit from Chip's systems approach."

Brad Apple,
Sylvania Country Club
Toledo, Ohio

Kathy Beard
LPGA Teaching Professional -- Kathy Beard

"The Systems Approach to Golfing provides an excellent workbook for any level golfer striving to improve. Knowing the basics and the mechanics frees the golfer to finish with their swing and work on another important part of their game -- the mental part."

Kathy Beard,
Jacksonville, Florida